Funny quotes about efficiency

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Funny efficiency quotes

You can always get more with a polite word and a gun than you can with a word alone. (American gangster Al Capone)

Progress is then each mistake you make is a new one.

I'm not useless. I'm just extremely productive at unimportant things.

In theory, everything works.

The covers of your book are too far apart. (American writer Ambrose Bierce)

Don't think about my efficiency as meaning l want to do tasks, too!

You are as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest.

Funny quotes about efforts

Make all things as simple as possible, but... not simpler. (Physicist Albert Einstein)

Well done is always better than just well said. (American politician and scientist Benjamin Franklin)

Sometimes it is not enough to do your best. You must do what is required. (British statesman Winston Churchill)

When all is said and done, always more is said than done.

If you can - you can. If you can't - you can't. It's how the way it is. Submited by: Mike Smith

Lazy people find the fastest way to complete their tasks. (Business magnate Bill Gates)

It's not enough to do your best. You should know what to do and then do your best. (American engineer W. Edwards Deming)

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