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Today even kids have iPhones. When I was a kid, I felt cool with my new pencils.

It would be hard to live in Africa! People there probably still use an old iPhone...

My iPhone is broken. I've pushed the HOME button but I'm still at work!

If you don't know which one of your friends has the new gold iPhone, don't worry, because they'll let you know!

Long ago we had Bob Hope, Johnny Cash and Steve Jobs. Now there is no Hope, no Cash and no Jobs...

We live in the age of smartphones and stupid people.

The charger of my iPhone has brought me and my house wall much closer together!

My new iPhone dies quicker than a bad guy in a new Statham movie.

A thought about losing my iPhone is more dramatic than losing my virginity!

-Darling, I just got a new iPhone!
-And I got a new boyfriend?
(10 minutes later)
-Did you say something?


Funny quotes on iPhone

You are like an iPhone because I want to tap you all day!

If you haven't just called me on my iPhone then what was vibrating in my pocket???

My girlfriend is like a new iPhone, I don't have one...

Why does everyone want a white iPhone, when the black ones run faster???

The new small and fast iPhone is hidden inside your old one! The key to open your old iPhone costs only 400 USD...

I won't share my iPhone with you because it's not an usPhone!

What to do if iPhone is broken? Place it on a bag of rice. It will attract Asians who will fix it.

If you pay for iCoffe more than for just Coffe, then you probably are an iDiot!

A clean house is a sign of a broken iPhone...

What is the difference between an old iPhone and a new one? 6 months!

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