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Don't worry about growing older. You are like wine - just getting better and better with age.

There was no way I could fit so many candles on my birthday cake, so I just set it on fire!

I like your birthday parties, but I think too many of them can kill you!

Oh, it's your birthday today?! Thank you, Facebook!

Funny quotes for facebook status

Don't worry about future, I am sure it will be a bright one, don't worry about the past, you it's impossible to change it, don't worry about the birthday gift - I don't have one for you!

Be careful what you are wished for your bday, it might come true...!

Finally you are 21, and can legally do everything you've been doing since 16!

Who cares about your big day? I mean, it's not a holiday or something like that...

Today you are Retro! After 10 years you'll be Vintage! After 20 years - Antique. But never - Old!

Short birthday messages and jokes

I bought my wife a new chair for her happy birthday. I just hope it's got... enough voltage...

You're getting old when the only thing you want for your special is not to be reminded of it.

I have 200 Facebook friends but received only 20 birthday wishes posts. Either my math is wrong or my friends are mostly assholes!

I look like 25, feel like 15 and act like 10. That makes me 50!

I'm very old. I wasn't welcomed into the world via tweet or FB status update...

There is a really smart, beautiful and famous man (woman) who was born today. Too bad it wasn't you...

I didn't find any birthday card old enough for your special day even at the antique store. So I made by myself a papyrus card for you!

I drink only on 2 occasions. When it's my birthday and when... it's not!

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