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Nature is wonderful. We have 12 years to develop a love for our children before they turn into teenagers...

When people say: Newborn babies are so sweet, I answer: Don't eat babies!

Love is free, but the diapers are expensive...

I have many daughters. The sayings I hear the most are: Hello, Goodbye and I'm pregnant!

Why children are like wet cement? Whatever falls on them makes an impression!

You can give advice to your kids only if you are young enough to believe you know what you're talking about.

Child to Mom: I'm hungry, I want, he hurt me, why can't we, can I have, I'm cold...

To Dad: Where's Mom???


Funny quotes about children

If your child is happy, don't try to make him happier. - Dan Keeton

Woman's breasts - the first thing we came into contact with when we were born. - Clint Eastwood

I will to call my kids Ctrl, Alt and Delete. When they muck up I will hit them all at once!

Don't yell at children. Just lean in and whisper. It's much scarier!

Cleaning the house while kids are at home is like shoveling while it's still snowing.

My mother never felt the irony when she called me the "Son of the bi*ch" - Jack Nicholson

Insanity is hereditary, because I got it from my children.

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