Funny quotes about politics

What keeps politicians in office - is the short memories of voters.

Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently.

Funny quotes about people

The people who know the least - always have the most to say.

I am nobody. And nobody is perfect. It means - I am perfect!

Funny quotes about being lazy

Just do it! But tomorrow...

Hard work pays only in the future, laziness pays off today!

Funny quotes about health

Eat well, stay fit and ... die anyway!

Be careful when reading health books, because you can die of a misprint.

Funny quotes about getting older

You are never too old to learn something stupid.

All diseases run into one - old age.

Funny quotes about stupid people

I was lost in thought. It was such an unfamiliar territory...
God loves stupid people, because he made so many of them!

Growing up funny quotes

Boys never grow up. Just their toys are getting bigger and bigger!

I haven't changed. I just see things differently now.

Funny quotes about girls

I hate when girls reply to me hey instead of i love you too when i say hi ...

Submited by: Ankit Singh

I never thought I would laugh again... But then I saw your new girlfriend!

Children funny quotes

Love is free, but the diapers are expensive...

If your child is happy, don't try to make him happier!

Funny bad people quotes

A person like you is the reason why other people have middle fingers!

It's better to be alone than in bad company.

Funny quotes about annoying people

Life would be much easier if I could mark people as spam.

Annoying person - who asks you again if you don't reply to email within seconds.