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Homework: because 7 hours at school isn't enough...

That moment when your teacher forgets you had homework, one kid says, 'We have homework...'

Homework - the teachers' way to find out how smart parents are!

Time time flies so fast when I'm avoiding homework...

Getting so bored, then you actually doing your homework earlier...

Instead of doing my homework I like to worry how much I have to do.

Boys do their homework the way they fall in love with me - slowly or not at all...

The same people who never did their homework in high school are still doing it until today in the real life.


Funny quotes about doing homework

What i like about baseball - there's no homework! - (Quote by Dan Quisenberry)

Moment of disappointment - when you can't find the answers to your homework on Google.

Wtf moment - when someone copies my homework but gets a higher grade than me.

Sex education in the schools is a good idea, but I don't think the kids should be given homework. - (Quote by Bill Cosby).

My dog's favorite snack is my homework.

I miss that days when homework was just... coloring.

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