Funny quotes about high school

High school graduation ecard with a funny quote

Funny quotes about high school

The only thing I regret about high school is that I didn't do half the things I heard that I did.

When you really have no idea, say "I understand" just to make the teacher go away.

In high school, we are taught a leson ant then given a test. In life, we are given a test that teaches us a lesson. - Tom Bodett

Respect elders - they passed high school without Google!

In school I was smart, but I didn't have friends. In high school, I stoped being smart but started having friends.

High school jokes and thoughts

A part of me dies every time i see the word "explain" on a test.

Dear kindergarden children, if you don't like nap time please share it with us. Sincerely, High Schoolers.

Practical skills I've learned at high school: texting wihout looking, sleeping with eyes open and teamwork on tests.

People who never did homework in high school are still doing that in the real world.

No matter how much I've slept, I'm always tired when getting up for college...

College funny quotes

College graduation speech: "I'd like to thank the Internet, Google, Wikipedia, Microsoft Office and especially - Copy-Paste..."

If a man is a fool, you can't train him in college. To turn him into a trained fool is 10 times more dangerous!

If you delete a Facebook account, all your high school friends just assume you died.

Studies show that if I just say "studies show" to someone and that makes it true.

I feel as useless as a mom's college diploma...

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